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Colorful Guizhou: The 13th PhotoChina Original International Photography Exhibition

The first "Colorful Guizhou: PhotoChina Original International Photography Exhibition" was held in 2008. In its history spanning over a decade, the Exhibition has been endeavoring to be professional, global and inclusive. The organizers of the Exhibition also seek to serve research, teaching and industries through it. At present, it is the only cultural event in the world that is dedicated both to the promotion of intangible cultural heritage and the advancement of the theorical understanding of original cultural heritage.

With the motto of "seeing the world from Guizhou", the Exhibition has become an important platform for the promotion of Guizhou’s culture and tourism. It is also a platform for photographers and scholars of original ecological cultures from around the world to exhibit their works and exchange with one another.

Since 2019, the Exhibition has been co-organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Guizhou Committee and China News Service.

The theme of the 13th Exhibition in 2020 is "A Shared World: The Language of Mountains". Over 2500 photographs, 5 films, and 50 short videos will be displayed and 6 other academic, cultural and promotional events will also take place.

We look forward to discovering more of Guizhou with you!

  • 2020多彩贵州  第十三届中国原生态国际摄影大展
  • 2020多彩贵州  第十三届中国原生态国际摄影大展
  • 2020多彩贵州  第十三届中国原生态国际摄影大展
  • 2020多彩贵州  第十三届中国原生态国际摄影大展
  • 2020多彩贵州  第十三届中国原生态国际摄影大展






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